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The innovative YourRewardsZone approach to shopping provides customers with several exciting features

A Convenient Discount Option

  • Download the app on your favorite mobile device.
  • Determine when to turn on beacon and Bluetooth capabilities.
  • Receive specialized deals whenever you are within range of a store beacon.
  • Never forget about promotions or carry tons of membership cards and coupons.

Search for the Deals You Want

  • Create search filters based on your favorite stores and products.
  • Store lists include membership, YourRewardsZone and public categories.
  • Narrow down search options using keywords or types of promotions.
  • The My Deals feature displays promotions tailored for or requested by you.

Don’t Clip Coupons, Keep Them on Your Phone

  • Receive notifications about special deals as soon as you enter the store.
  • A digital punchcard earns free products without fear of misplacing your efforts.
  • Purchase vouchers in­store or at home utilizing the app’s digital marketplace.
  • Save deals and receive automatic alerts when they are about to expire.

Get Rewarded for Shopping

  • Create a beneficial relationship with the stores you frequent the most.
  • Advance in membership by logging normal shopping activities.
  • Learn what earns loyalty points and how many points are needed for each level.
  • Gold, Diamond and Platinum users receive special discounts and unique services.

Stores Know What you Expect From Them

  • Turn every store visit into a unique experience using your criteria and past preferences.
  • Create a log of transactions, discounted redemptions and orders.
  • Message stores with feedback directly from the app.
  • Rate and share YourRewardsZone based on the success of your shopping experience.

The latest features for shoppers

  • Chat : The YourRewardsZone app is easy to download, update and use. If you do ever have a question or concern about service, you can use the Chat feature to get instant contact with operators who can answer your sales, technical or concierge issues.
  • Event : When your favorite business holds a special event, you can use our app to instantly reserve a spot when space is limited. The Event feature works with shops and restaurants asking for free head counts or selling tickets through our digital marketplace.

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