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YourRewardsZone’s features give merchants a simple automated marketing solution that nurtures customer relationships and displays consistent feedback on success

A Customizable Platform for Your Business

  • Use online CRM technology to design automated marketing campaigns.
  • Create an online merchant portal based on specific store information.
  • Add content pages like coupons and vouchers when you feel it's time to implement new campaigns.
  • Configure YourRewardsZone with social media, website and mobile strategies.

Create Your Own Store Page

  • Determine what shoppers find when they search through promotions.
  • Create an enticing store preview with location or product images.
  • Display address, contact info, social media deals and beacon application promotions.
  • Provide opportunities for easy and rewarding membership sign-up.

Easily Run and Manage Multiple Campaigns

  • Create, schedule and track different promotions in a centralized solution.
  • Monitor all discount campaigns based on frequency and performance to evaluate ROI.
  • Patented beacon technology automatically sends content and captures in-store data.
  • The Dashboard features templates for coupons, vouchers, punch cards and membership programs.
  • The Events feature lets you sell tickets and track attendance.

Use the Loyalty Card Manager to Keep in Touch With Shoppers

  • Assign different levels of membership for certain point levels.
  • Deliver specific discounts to gold, silver and platinum members.
  • Track member activities to create standards for business loyalty.
  • Send personal messages to members so they know they’re special.

Gain Valuable Insight Through Customer Analytics

  • The Dashboard homepage greets users with real-time performance statistics.
  • Drill down into content pages to track user application of specific campaigns.
  • Determine ROI of each promotion, and compare performance to resource allocation.
  • Attribute success based on purchase histories, product offers, redemption rates, discount deals, time frame and location.

Create Specialized Content Based on Success

  • Gain insight into shopping patterns, app utilizations and consumer preferences.
  • Create new offers based around proven performance-drivers.
  • Segment audiences by preferences, and distribute promotions accordingly.
  • Track the ROI of new strategies with a centralized real-time data collection solution.

The latest features for businesses

  • Chat : The YourRewardsZone app comes with its own customer care features. Mobile users can click on the chat button to talk to platform operators. We put the power in their hands by giving them the ability to communicate technical problems or seek more information.
  • Event : The Event feature allows you to sell tickets for special events through the app’s digital marketplace or consumers can RSVP for free events. Either way, you can track attendance and simplify planning for important days.

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