About Us

If your store isn't promoting customer loyalty, you are missing out

About Us

YourRewardsZone is a growing marketing platform in the digital mobile loyalty market that enables consumers and merchants to benefit from one another. We allow retailers, restaurants and B2C businesses to engage, increase customer equity rates and acquire consumers in a new innovative way. By downloading the YourRewardsZone mobile application, consumers are rewarded for their purchases and frequent visits to their favorite shops and restaurants through our mobile application platform’s integrated social, Web, data analytics and mobile channels. Our merchants are able to drive more accurate marketing campaigns at a lower cost and achieve a much higher ROI with YourRewardsZone’s mobile application services.

YourRewardsZone provides data analytics and a new type of marketing platform that utilizes Web-based CRM services along with beacon technology capabilities to help bring fast results to our merchants. Our beacon technology allows for consumers to receive instant deals in real time while shopping depending on their location in the store. Our simple SaaS business model and digital marketing platform allows for merchants to drive more efficient and effective marketing campaigns on an affordable budget while increasing customer loyalty and retention levels.

For our larger clients, we have the capability of developing YourRewardsZone into a white label mobile application product which includes our integrated social, Web, data analytics, mobile channels, Web-based CRM services and beacon technology capabilities. This is the future of the YourRewardsZone mobile application for merchants upon request. As the Internet of Things market continues to grow, so will we.

About YI-Mobility

YI-Mobility was founded in the fall of September 2013. YourRewardsZone was developed by YI-Mobility. The mobile technology experts of YI-Mobility are constantly searching for new ways to bring digital mobile innovation into the retail, B2C, B2B and restaurant business space. The company founders have focused their efforts on the digital mobile experience in hopes of providing tools that bring consumers and merchants closer together.

Mobile technology is ever present in brick-and-mortar stores. YI-Mobility helps build and enhance the relationship between consumers and merchants through the mobile devices consumers use on a daily basis. As the concept of the Internet of Things grows rapidly in the present and future market, YI-Mobility helps companies stay ahead of the curve by providing them with a service that utilizes this concept with their patented beacon technology.

YourRewardsZone continues YI-Mobility’s mission in linking the digital and physical world. Their patented beacon technology, present in the YourRewardsZone mobile application, helps enhance the marketing platform of the merchant along with customer engagement. Today digital and performance based marketing with the use of data analytics is the most effective form of marketing out there. YI-Mobility helps merchants to track and predict customer behavior while identifying trends to bring a higher ROI and customer retention rate for merchants. YI-Mobility’s simple SaaS business model creates an exchange of information between consumers and merchants when and where they need it most.